iWoman (turtleisland) wrote,

So today I logged into my Twitter account at the actual Twitter site, instead of just using my Tweetie application, and I saw that some whacko user had added me to their follow lists with these names and descriptions:
    Spammers Reported to Twitter - tweets saved for proof.

    People who are hate mongers and hate themselves - we need to get off twitter

    This is a list of ugly people both inside and out. They need to get a life and get off twitter.

    List of people who are crazy and need professional mental health help

    List of mind numb asshole who just repeat each others crap
LOL, OMG. I don't even know what this is about. I barely use this Twitter account, so I'm hardly a spammer!

Then I took a look at who this "1776LibertyBell" person is, and his bio is, and he's some whacko Glenn Beck fan, so that explains everything.

So I figure the LONE tweet that must have gotten me added to this list is this one about Glenn Beck: "RT @BorowitzReport: Why would you pay to see Jackass when you can watch Glenn Beck for free?"

I suppose this one might have also done the job: "RT @BorowitzReport: Reading, Writing Could Be Election Day Hurdles for Tea Party Voters"

Anyway, this amused and disturbed me. I have to go back to being a hate monger now.
Tags: politics
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