iWoman (turtleisland) wrote,

Oh, I thought I'd mention that Billy Magnussen (Casey on ATWT) is guest starring on NCIS: Los Angeles tonight.

I only watch the original version of NCIS, but I might have to make an exception tonight.

I actually watched Billy in that movie Twelve a couple of weeks ago, and while the movie is...forgettable, Billy gave a pretty good performance in it. Plus he's shirtless (or more) through most of it. So.

Speaking of Billy, Billy and Van together is one of my favorite things. I find it hilarious that the most viewed photo (by about twice as much as the next most-viewed photo) on my Ember account is this one of Billy and Van:

I <3 them.

ETA: Wait, wait. There's a reality show about some jackass married to four women? Seriously? Sick.
Tags: atwt, van hansis
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