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OMG. If I read one more comment about how Luke isn't grieving enough or how he isn't sad enough, I might throw something.

I just love how people think they can dictate how someone grieves. On this show, and with these writers, I think it's unrealistic to expect Luke to be moping around 24/7 - especially when he's in public. Yes, he was smiling in today's episode, but it wasn't a smile because he's so happy. If people bothered to pay attention, they'd notice that a lot of Luke's smiles came when he was thinking of Reid, or of the people who will benefit from the neurology wing. I saw him smiling at the memory of Reid, and then trying to comfort himself that Reid's death wasn't in vain, because the other people who received his organs will live on (and he even said that those thoughts were making him feel better, although a stupid weather alert kept interrupting his lines). That's perfectly natural.

Although, I do think he looked uncomfortable at the mention of Chris.

So someone said they didn't see "any real grieving at all"? Whatever. They're as blind as Noah then. Yeah, I think Luke was trying to put on a brave face in public and not bring Lucinda and Noah down, but there were moments where you could tell he was still upset. And that's real. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But I saw it in his very first words to Lucinda, after she talks about his "young man" and Luke gives this look and says, "Reid? Why?" And then even that whole thing about how life is short and there's no time to waste with holding back. If that wasn't him being regretful and grieving, I don't know what was. And also when he's talking about the moments before Reid's death! He's so holding back how upset he is. :(

"But, Noah, this is not gonna help. Reid is still gonna be gone. And I'm still gonna be grieving."


I could go on, but I'm not going to rehash an entire episode where basically every other sentence out of Luke's mouth was about Reid. So, sure.

And then you could tell that Luke is putting all of his grief into that neuro wing, committed to making it the best in the country. That's his project, and I think it's a very Luke thing to do to throw himself into something like that. He wants it to be everything Reid wanted.

Anyway. Luke is doing a lot of his grieving in private. I'm interested in seeing that scene between him and Natalie tomorrow in particular, where Natalie is supposedly comforting him. I get the feeling that it'll be part of those montages or whatever so maybe there won't be any dialogue, but I just like thinking about that scene.

Um. And Noah? Luke was focused when he was at WOAK. He knew who he was, and he knew what he wanted to be. It wasn't until after the drama with the election and Brian that Luke really lost himself.

Lastly, it can't be said enough how hot Luke looked today. Just smokin'.

ETA: Oh, and can I just laugh at how Luke doesn't even bother to take his hands out of his pockets when Noah kisses him? Because, yeah. That's how reciprocated that kiss is.
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