iWoman (turtleisland) wrote,

Today was the last Nuke episode of As the World Turns. I feel strangely sad about saying goodbye to Nuke.

Of course, I love, love, love LuRe, and I was a LuRe end gamer, but I have a soft spot for Nuke. Unlike a lot of LuRe fans, I do think Jake and Van had chemistry. But their chemistry was something really sweet, and I love how comfortable they were together, and their HUGS. I loved their hugs. LuRe, for me, was more of a scorching kind of chemistry.

Anyway! Luke looked HOT in that shirt and pants today. I approve.

I loved the scene between Luke and Lucinda at the beginning of the episode. I admit, I teared up when they were talking about Reid. Oh, Luke.

Luke was so bossy during the episode! With Lucinda, then with Noah. I loved it.

And I loved the scenes between Noah and Luke. Noah didn't ask Luke to come live with him in L.A. or anything - he asked him to visit. I think he really understands that Luke loves Reid.

Their scenes were so bittersweet. And the kiss! I think it was sweet. It wasn't anything passionate. It was a goodbye kiss (although, yes, Noah is obviously still in love with Luke), and although Luke allowed it, I wouldn't say he particularly "participated" in it, beyond it being a goodbye on his part. There were so many mentions of Reid, and of Luke being in love with Reid and still grieving, there's no way Luke is reuniting with Noah anytime soon, no matter how much Noah may want that to happen.

I can't believe there's only one more episode. :(
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