iWoman (turtleisland) wrote,

Ugh. I have such a bad toothache right now, I feel like crying. I've tried ice, I've tried hot water, I've tried sucking on a mint (which usually does the trick), but nothing.

Anyway, I can't believe ATWT is ending this week. It's sucked up so much of my time - and just as a viewer and reader! - that I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself when it's over.

So were Lily and Holden on today's show? Just lalala'ing about like they don't have a devastated son at home?

ETA: And Van Hansis is being very amusing on Facebook tonight, including posting this God-awful song with the advice NOT to listen to it.

Van Hansis: "so this is my non official song on the mix. this song actually annoys the hell out of me. i made the mistake of downloading robot unicorn attack onto my iphone a few days ago. since then this stupid song has been on repeat in my mind. and it is making me crazy. do yourself a favor and dont listen. i present: erasure- always."

I have actually played that game before, but I thought the song was just part of the soundtrack! I didn't realize it was by a real band.
Tags: atwt, van hansis
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