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What I'd want to see happen, if ATWT continued...

Oh, you know if the show had continued, the character of Reid would have been brought back at some point. No one on a soap opera stays dead forever.

The thing is, even if the show had continued, Reid still would have been written off eventually, and probably sooner rather than later. In his interviews, ESS seems like someone who doesn't want a long-term role, so I doubt he would have stayed on ATWT for a long time. That means either Reid and Luke would be written off together, or just Reid would have been written off. In that scenario, since I couldn't bear watching Reid and Luke break up, I would have preferred Reid being killed off - if the show was continuing.

So if the show was continuing, here's what I would have liked to see happen, because I am a sucker for plots with characters being presumed dead and then coming back. I still remember how excited I was when Damian came back from the dead - the first time? It was years after Lily thought he was killed in the plane crash, and she was with Holden at the time (who only recently returned to the show himself), and I think they just got engaged for the hundredth time. And then Damian shows up alive! Whoah, soapy. Except I was ultimately disappointed with how that played out, because I don't think Lily was ever really tempted to return to Damian (I love Damian/Lily to death, especially with Martha Byrne playing Lily), although Holden thought she was and it led to him sleeping with the scheming Molly. (Sidebar: I never understood why people said Lily wasn't good enough for Holden, when Holden is the one who has cheated on her many, many, many times, not the other way around.)

Anyway. So Reid would come back from the dead, and he'd have to be blameless in the whole being presumed dead thing. It'd have to be some crazy plot involving, I don't know, Damian or John Dixon or whatever.

But he wouldn't come back for...at least two years. It'd have to be enough time for Luke to believable move on. This time, we'd get to actually watch Luke mourn in a proper timeline. I'd want Reid to come back shortly after - but not immediately after, because Luke would have to have some happiness and stress-free time with his new love - Luke has found love with someone else. Yeah, it'd have to be a character completely different than Reid, but also someone the audience would like. The audience should have no idea that Reid is coming back, and they'd be rooting for poor heartbroken widower Luke to find happiness again.

So Luke would finally allow himself to love again (and it'd be a really great story line, okay?), and he has a few happy months with the new guy, who would probably be sickeningly sweet or something. Not Noah, though. And Luke's happy and, wow, he and the new guy actually have sex! And maybe they're even thinking about moving in together!

And then, bam, Reid shows up! He's alive! Oh, no, what will Luke do? Because he thought he had finally let go of Reid and moved on with someone else, and at this point him and the new guy have been together longer than he and Reid ever were (and, again, actually had sex).

So there's your real love triangle, not the half-assed thing they did with Luke, Reid, and Noah. Because here's Reid wanting his life and his Luke back, and Luke being confused and loving the new guy who helped him find happiness again but still obviously feeling a pull toward Reid, although he doesn't know if he wants to go there again because the memories are all still so painful for him. And Reid would be more aggressive in getting Luke back (but maybe not at first) - none of this selfless bullshit like when he told Noah to fight for Luke. Whatever to THAT, because Reid has been wherever for two years and isn't interested in wasting more time.

Of course Reid and Luke would reunite in the end, but then there's still the issue of ESS never signing on for the long term. So the writers would give us a few months of Luke and Reid being happy and in love and in the honeymoon period that we never got this time around, and then they'd have one final explosive story line (Like Luke's kidney problems returning before both Luke and Reid were written off together, as the actors move on to better things. I don't know how, but they'd be written off happy and still together.

And that's how I'd want it to end.
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