iWoman (turtleisland) wrote,

I finally, finally got to watch today's episode.

OMG, Noah! You disappointed me so much. I actually understood him not wanting to see Luke at first, because he seemed to think Luke wouldn't want him to be there, but then he had to go and make it all about him. Oh, it's weird, Noah? How sad for you that you have to go through a bit of weirdness while Luke just lost the man he loves. I can't believe he had to be guilted by Ali into showing up!

I have to say, I loved the expression Ali made when Luke asked "What was it like for Reid, when they took out his heart?" That scene was probably one of my favorites of the episode. I liked how Ali tried to offer Luke some comfort, especially since she saw how he was getting a bit loony. Marnie and Van were both really good in it.

At least Lily seemed to care about her son. But then there's Holden, being his usual patronizing self to women. I can't believe he thought it was okay to just leave Luke alone, and then he convinced Lily to do the same. Ugh. I don't even believe that Holden cared, sorry to say.

And, oh, the scene with the funeral director. I love Luke's "bitch, please" face throughout it. I wonder if that's the last time we'll see it! Aw. I'll miss you most of all, bitchy!Luke.

And I loved that scene between Luke and Chris in the hospital room. Wow, Van was so great in that scene. Luke looked like he wanted to kill Chris. And that twitch on the right side of his face! I'm really glad the writers didn't just have Luke be okay with Chris, because I feared that they were going to.

And then when he runs into that trustee. :(

And Luke definitely didn't look happy to see Noah at the end of the episode. I thought we'd get the scene from the promo today, but we have to wait until tomorrow! I need to know what's going on in that scene!
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