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Okay, I have one more thing to add, and I feel slightly guilty for saying it.

I am desperate for the Luke and Noah scenes tomorrow, because I feel like Noah is probably the only one who will truly care about Luke in this moment. He is the only one who is not going to give a fuck about Chris Hughes and who will only care about how Luke is feeling.

I'd still like to know where the hell Luke's family is. Why is he still at the hospital alone in that preview? And then Lily and Holden go off to Brooklyn? Do they have mental problems? Why do they think it's a good idea to leave their son alone?

Noah, don't let me down!

Oh, and I wrote this elsewhere, but I disagree with people who keep saying that Luke got over Reid's death too quickly.

All I saw was someone who was ALONE at the lowest point of his life, someone who was in shock, and someone who was trying not to completely break down as people around him pressured him and dismissed his grief. I saw someone who was trying to do what Reid wanted, even though it's not what HE wanted to do, and trying to rationalize doing it so he didn't completely lose it.

And at moments in this episode, I think Luke was still in denial and kind of not all there. He was so not all there at times. Poor bb Luke. :(

And, oh, I don't think there are many male actors on a soap opera who could have done what Van Hansis did today and make it believable. There was something really vulnerable and heart breaking about his performance.

ETA: This, though? Really? It's a shirt! Not even signed by the actor! Oy. I guess I should just be glad that this money is going to that charity in honor of Van's birthday and not just someone's pocket.

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