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Today's ATWT

I'll tell you what, the writers better make this completely pointless episode up to me (yes, me, personally) by giving me a completely devastated Luke next week. I want that guy to be shattered and walking around like a freaking zombie.

I don't care if it's morbid of me. If the writers think they're so clever with the angst, then they better deliver it.

That promo scene between Luke and Reid is a good start, because I burst into tears while watching it. :(

And then, OMG. The preview of the scene between Luke and Noah today. Luke's face. That is also a good start. The writers better not let me down with that scene.

But, seriously, Luke in that promo. :( He's so messed up. Poor bb.

Going off the day-by-day spoilers, Noah is supposed to comfort Luke on Wednesday. And then Lily and Holden (who can't even remember that Luke is his son...yes, I will forever be bitter about that) are supposed to do some consoling on Thursday. So Luke better be appropriately broken.
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