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--Believed his adopted father, Holden, was dead. And guilted himself over that, since he was supposed to go on the trip with him.

--Was caught in the middle of the relationship drama between Lily, Holden, and Damian.

--Was treated like crap by his boyfriend, Noah, even before the accident. (They were obviously having problems before the accident. I just watched an episode where Luke pops in at a party for Noah's film but says he can only stay for a few minutes because he has to go to a meeting for WORK. Noah then proceeds to ask Luke to stop giving him "attitude," leading me to go, "WTAF?" So sorry that Luke had to work, Noah! Luke wasn't bratty at all in that scene! All he said was that he couldn't stay because he had to go to a meeting!

--Watched his boyfriend get in a life-threatening accident, only to have him wake up blind.

--Endured emotional abuse from his boyfriend, complete with his boyfriend blaming him for all that is wrong in the world and physically and emotionally pushing him away from him.

--Believed his biological father, Damian, was dead. And then having to learn all of the crap that Damian put his family through.

So after all of this, in the remaining weeks Luke has this to look forward to:

--Not having sex with the man he loves. So, yeah, let's pile on all of the bitter regrets.

--Having Reid die from a VIOLENT accident.

--Having his ex-boyfriend and someone he still cares for leave town.

--Having his best guy friend and girl friend, Casey and Ali, leave town to pursue careers and start a life together.

--Watching his grandmother move to Amsterdam.

--Having to watch the undeserving Chris fucking Hughes strut around town with Reid's heart in his chest. Seriously, how can Luke ever look at him after this, especially knowing that none of this would have happened if Chris had just sought out proper medical care in the beginning?

So, basically, Luke, you're having the worst year ever.

I hate that the final image we have of Luke, this charming, happy-in-spite-of-everything, big-hearted guy who just wants to love someone and be loved in return, is of him still grieving hard. The man he loves is dead, and practically all of the people he cares about will leave him, moving on with their lives when he needs them the most.

Fabulous, writers. I'm going to be so bitter watching the final episode, seeing EVERYONE happy except for Luke.
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