iWoman (turtleisland) wrote,

Aw, man. I am looking for the scan of the Aug. 18, 2008 edition of CBS Soaps in Depth and I cannot find it. The site that usually has the scans (the Nuke Gallery) doesn't have it, and the links I found to the jpgs of the scans are broken. :/

The reason I want to read it is because it includes a pretty funny interview with Van (and Jake, I think) where he gives this quote to explain the lack of sex between Luke and Noah:
    "Luke doesn't have a crotch. Luke's like one of those action figures or a Ken doll. That's the secret of why they haven't done anything."
LOL. I can't believe he said that to a soap magazine.

Sadly, Luke is still a Ken doll on this stupid show.

Well. I should be getting ready to leave the house soon. I was given tickets to a wine festival that's going on this weekend, which makes it the second wine-tasting event I've been to this month. I'm certainly not complaining!
Tags: atwt, van hansis
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