iWoman (turtleisland) wrote,

ATWT Previews: Week of August 30

    Casey and Alison discuss their future together after Alison discovers her engagement ring in his room while looking for a recipe. Casey wants to move to Carbondale so he can attend law school there. Alison responds that she would love to go with him because she has bigger ambitions. They both agree to look beyond their mistakes and once again become engaged. With Chris and Katie announcing their own engagement, Alison and Casey decide to just tell Nancy. Later, Bob returns from Nancy's apartment with the sad news that she has passed away. After her private funeral, Casey wants to do something to honor her memory. At the end of the day, everyone meets up in Old Town after volunteering their time to different projects. Katie, however, is absent as she spends some time in Nancy's apartment wishing that she doesn't lose someone else.

    Chris admits to John that he is the patient that Reid has been treating. Chris pushes his heart to the brink after playing golf with a hospital trustee. Reid convinces Chris to cut the round short and manages to get him back to the hospital just as his condition worsens. Noah admits that he still has feelings for Luke. Luke responds that while he is in love with Reid, a part of him will always love Noah.

Are you fucking kidding me? Chris and Katie get ENGAGED?

This show is the stupidest thing on television. I can't even comprehend these writers anymore. I'm just so angry about this. Chris and widow Katie, her husband not even cold in the ground for a year, get fucking engaged when Luke and Reid can't even have sex?
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