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Today's ATWT episode!

Yea! I loved today's episode of As the World Turns...although I really, really wish we actually saw the scene of Reid finding out about Luke's kidney! With all the fuckery you're planning, why deny us this, show?

I loved that we got all combinations of Luke, Reid, Chris, and Katie today. OMG, they're actually letting Luke talk to someone who isn't Reid or Noah? SHOCKING. (Although, that was probably deliberate this entire time, because I think the writers were always trying to keep us from knowing what Luke was really feeling a lot of the time...)

First, I'll just be shallow and say that Luke's shirt fit him very, very well today. I approve.

The whole scene with Reid, Katie, and the toothbrush? LOL.

Also let me have this moment to rant: Let's see, Luke was there at the hospital for a "budget meeting about the new neuro wing." Hmm. Looks like he was working to me. So can people stop with the nonsense that Luke has apparently given up all of his dreams and just follows Reid around like a puppy all day? Lately Luke has done more with his foundation than he ever did with it when he was with Noah, and, guess what, he became involved with the hospital stuff before he and Reid were even friends. Some people can ignore the MANY REFERENCES to Luke actually doing something with his life all they want, but some of us can understand the English language and the words coming out of the character's mouth.

Okay. That's the end of the rant.

Luke confronting Chris about what he was doing to Reid was all kinds of funny to me, especially when he got a bit bitchy, "You did ask for it. Yes." Look at you, bb Luke, sticking up for your boyfriend! And his little huffy, "Oh, yeah, yeah?" And I love his little asides, like, "You know, Reid told me you were really stubborn about this."

Oh, and I guess Chris isn't a complete moron, as I believe he might be the first person to refer to Luke and Reid as boyfriends.

Incidentally, at the Boston event, apparently Van and Jake were asked to sum up their characters in one word (or something to that effect), and Van said "overprotective."

And I love Luke rushing over to warn Reid that he had told Chris he knew. But, Luke, why do you think everything is your fault? Reason 1,005 I love Reid and Luke together: Reid was not even a little bit angry with Luke over this. You know Noah would have been livid and would have torn Luke apart over it.

And then that conversation between Luke, Reid, and Chris before Katie walks in. Look at the way Reid and Luke are standing! They're such a united front. They're so married.

And the whole talk about love...

"You're just grateful that you have that in your life, for as long as you have it. Even if it is just a short while."


And, God, Luke's voice when he asks, "You planning on falling in love with me?" The soft shyness just kills me.


I love themsroyale's description about the kiss at the community: "One of the reasons why I love this kiss so much is that it starts off totally different than it ends. It was supposed to be a brief kiss to cap off the beautiful moment where they acknowledge that they may be heading towards falling in love. Luke has his arms folded and just leans forward for this brief peck but as soon as they kiss, it becomes this heated, face and shirt groping, falling on the sofa epicness!"

I just love that moment when Luke reaches his arm/hand up to cup the back of Reid's neck.

Damn baby rattle. Reid was seconds away from pinning Luke down on that couch. And Reid laughs, but, LOL, Luke's face! He looked a bit petulant at being interrupted, LOL.

"I just need a bed and some privacy."

And then I died again. I cannot believe Luke said that. And their smiles at each other! And the smiles after they said "to be continued." LOVE.

I actually thought we wouldn't see them again for the rest of the episode, so I was all "!!!" when we next saw them at the hospital and they're being all cute over who is going to pay for lunch.

They acted so married in this episode. Why do you have to make bb Luke a widower, writers? Very cruel. :(((

And nowwwww Luke has to lie to Katie, too. Except he does not do it very well. That little shake of his hand when Katie is talking about getting lunch with Chris. And Luke's faces! (Van Hansis, I love you.)

Aaaaannddd it sounds like Reid and Luke do get a death bed scene, if spoilers are to be believed. And the people haven't been wrong before, so...it sounds pretty devastating, guys, with Luke acting in denial and thinking he can fly in doctors to help Reid like he did with Noah but then having it not work this time. :(
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