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"You ain't a beauty, but, hey, you're all right." --Bruce Springsteen
14th-Apr-2011 11:05 pm[no subject] [television]
The moral of the story seems to be: do not hire Daniel Cosgrove.
14th-Nov-2010 01:18 am - Van. [van hansis]
I continue to love everything this photo shoot chooses to be.

2nd-Nov-2010 05:45 pm - Vote! [atwt, van hansis]
Happy Election Day! Election days are the craziest days at work, and I'll prob. be at the office until midnight tonight...and that's a conservative estimate. Oy.

Anyway, don't try to steal an election tonight like Luke Snyder! Or at least don't get caught doing it...

1st-Nov-2010 06:05 pm - Oh, Van. [van hansis]

Aw, I miss him.

(And if you're wondering what he's talking about, someone carved this pumpkin with a scene from Occupant and posted it on his Facebook. Then he made it his profile pic, LOL!)
31st-Oct-2010 12:14 pm[no subject] [politics]
So today I logged into my Twitter account at the actual Twitter site, instead of just using my Tweetie application, and I saw that some whacko user had added me to their follow lists with these names and descriptions:
    Spammers Reported to Twitter - tweets saved for proof.

    People who are hate mongers and hate themselves - we need to get off twitter

    This is a list of ugly people both inside and out. They need to get a life and get off twitter.

    List of people who are crazy and need professional mental health help

    List of mind numb asshole who just repeat each others crap
LOL, OMG. I don't even know what this is about. I barely use this Twitter account, so I'm hardly a spammer!

Then I took a look at who this "1776LibertyBell" person is, and his bio is, and he's some whacko Glenn Beck fan, so that explains everything.

So I figure the LONE tweet that must have gotten me added to this list is this one about Glenn Beck: "RT @BorowitzReport: Why would you pay to see Jackass when you can watch Glenn Beck for free?"

I suppose this one might have also done the job: "RT @BorowitzReport: Reading, Writing Could Be Election Day Hurdles for Tea Party Voters"

Anyway, this amused and disturbed me. I have to go back to being a hate monger now.
27th-Oct-2010 10:14 pm[no subject] [ohio, sports]
I know it's only one game and means absolutely nothing, but I thank sweet, sweet karma for allowing the Cleveland Cavs to beat the Boston Celtics in their season opener tonight - the day after LeBron James and his super team of inflated egos on the Miami Heat lost to the Celtics.

And without Mo Williams, to boot.
25th-Oct-2010 11:55 pm[no subject] [television]
I see ABC already has canceled at least two new shows. I bet those ratings for Ugly Betty are looking pretty good right now. Jerks.
24th-Oct-2010 04:32 pm[no subject] [atwt, van hansis]
Gosh, I didn't realize a soap opera fandom was such SRS BUSINESS!

Anyway, I love that someone posted a non-watermarked version of this photo. <333!

18th-Oct-2010 11:51 pm[no subject] [music]
Taking a break from LuRe/ATWT to ask why, for the love of God, does this video and song exist?

I seriously think I now have post-traumatic stress disorder from listening to/watching it.
15th-Oct-2010 10:59 pm[no subject] [atwt, van hansis]
After looking at a lot of photographic evidence, I'm pretty sure I can conclude that these two are incapable of taking a family-friendly photo.

15th-Oct-2010 03:26 pm[no subject] [van hansis]
Oh, Van.

I'm not sure what's going on at the end of this video, but the rest of it is pretty adorable.

12th-Oct-2010 06:34 pm[no subject]
I'm debating whether I should start watching Young and the Restless again now that Maura West is on it.

The thing is, I never liked the character she's playing, Diane. Her first scene is pretty awkward, to me. And she's so...proper? It's a weird transition from Carly.

Phyllis cracked me up, though.

I guess Terri Colombino has been cast on One Life to Live. Although I like her, I won't be watching that show. I'm only leaning toward Y&R because I used to watch it and am familiar with the characters.
3rd-Oct-2010 07:49 pm[no subject]
Since I posted about it yesterday, here's an update on the Paris trip.

From the organizers:

    Important message

    I'd like to remind everyone that MGC events is a non-profit association. There are laws on this kind of organizations. It was decided that benefits made by both events would be donated to ILGA Europe. Organizing an event is very expensive, there are a huge amount of costs that I won't list due to confidentiality reasons. The donation to ILGA Europe has been made. But the amount will not be announced publicly. Thanks for understanding. I am shocked to hear there are accusations made against me and my loyalty...If you have questions, contact me.


So who knows.
28th-Sep-2010 06:48 pm[no subject] [atwt, van hansis]
Oh, I thought I'd mention that Billy Magnussen (Casey on ATWT) is guest starring on NCIS: Los Angeles tonight.

I only watch the original version of NCIS, but I might have to make an exception tonight.

I actually watched Billy in that movie Twelve a couple of weeks ago, and while the movie is...forgettable, Billy gave a pretty good performance in it. Plus he's shirtless (or more) through most of it. So.

Speaking of Billy, Billy and Van together is one of my favorite things. I find it hilarious that the most viewed photo (by about twice as much as the next most-viewed photo) on my Ember account is this one of Billy and Van:

I <3 them.

ETA: Wait, wait. There's a reality show about some jackass married to four women? Seriously? Sick.
23rd-Sep-2010 11:48 pm[no subject] [atwt]
I have been watching Martha Byrne's indie soap series, Gotham, and...it's strange. A bunch of actors who used to be on As the World Turns have roles in it, like Martha, Michael Park (who played Jack Snyder), the actress who played Mitzi, the actor who played Keith, and others I can't recall at the moment.

I fully admit to watching it only because I wanted to see Paolo Seganti (who played Damian on As the World Turns).

I am baffled by the scarf and hat combo he's sporting in this clip, yet I strangely still find him very attractive.

22nd-Sep-2010 04:16 pm[no subject] [nature, ohio, turtles]
This guy decided he'd block the road on my way to work this morning. Unfortunately, I don't think a turtle crossing the road, no matter how slow, is an acceptable excuse for missing work.

21st-Sep-2010 03:59 pm - I <3 Luke Snyder. [atwt, van hansis]
Ooohhh, I love CBS for giving us a bigger photo of this Luke scene from the second-to-last episode. The photo with the Michael Fairman article was so small!

I know there's probably a way to get an even bigger version (since you could with the other official photos), but I don't have the patience to figure it out right now.

Luke lookin' goodCollapse )
14th-Sep-2010 08:28 pm[no subject] [atwt, van hansis]
Ugh. I have such a bad toothache right now, I feel like crying. I've tried ice, I've tried hot water, I've tried sucking on a mint (which usually does the trick), but nothing.

Anyway, I can't believe ATWT is ending this week. It's sucked up so much of my time - and just as a viewer and reader! - that I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself when it's over.

So were Lily and Holden on today's show? Just lalala'ing about like they don't have a devastated son at home?

ETA: And Van Hansis is being very amusing on Facebook tonight, including posting this God-awful song with the advice NOT to listen to it.

Van Hansis: "so this is my non official song on the mix. this song actually annoys the hell out of me. i made the mistake of downloading robot unicorn attack onto my iphone a few days ago. since then this stupid song has been on repeat in my mind. and it is making me crazy. do yourself a favor and dont listen. i present: erasure- always."

I have actually played that game before, but I thought the song was just part of the soundtrack! I didn't realize it was by a real band.
7th-Sep-2010 11:31 pm[no subject] [atwt]
Today's ATWTCollapse )
7th-Sep-2010 09:32 pm[no subject] [atwt]
I hate the entire Hughes family...and that includes you, Casey.

That's pretty much it.
3rd-Sep-2010 09:01 pm - OMG. [atwt, van hansis]
Thank you, Van Hansis, for changing your profile pic on Facebook and giving us one bright spot in this day.

More Facebook stuff, and he's chatty tonight, so I will update it as I canCollapse )
3rd-Sep-2010 04:53 pm - Today's ATWT [atwt]
Today's ATWTCollapse )
3rd-Sep-2010 04:03 pm[no subject] [atwt, van hansis]
Someone else will have to post these scans to the community because I don't feel like making a post that will lead to people whining about the actors, but I did at least want to post the latest magazine scans to my own journal.

Reid and Luke made the cover of Soap Opera Weekly, which is nice. I guess. Scans courtesy of The Nuke Gallery, per usual. If you need a bigger version, open the image in a new tab.

Latest SOW and SOD scans, with spoilers. There are also scans from the ATWT Tribute MagazineCollapse )
2nd-Sep-2010 08:44 pm - <3. [atwt, van hansis]

Yeah, let's hate on this guy, though. He's such a tool.

So I just got back from a 10-mile bike ride. I feel like a lot of my tension has been released, thankfully. But if I watch that promo for next week, I might just start crying again.

ETA: Um. Why does every song that comes up on my iTunes make me want to cry?
I'm reading Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster by Jon Krakauer, and I suddenly have the urge to go mountain climbing. Never mind that I hate the snow. And the cold. And I obviously lack the athletic ability.

No worries, though. The word "disaster" in the title leads me to believe that the urge will pass by the time I finish the book.

I would much rather be reading LuRe fic, but hardly any has been posted today! What is up with that?
29th-Aug-2010 10:14 am[no subject] [nature, ohio]
Okay, how funny. I was wondering what these weird webs were on a bike ride the other night, and this morning it was a story on Yahoo's front page!

28th-Aug-2010 01:41 pm[no subject] [atwt, van hansis]
Aw, man. I am looking for the scan of the Aug. 18, 2008 edition of CBS Soaps in Depth and I cannot find it. The site that usually has the scans (the Nuke Gallery) doesn't have it, and the links I found to the jpgs of the scans are broken. :/

The reason I want to read it is because it includes a pretty funny interview with Van (and Jake, I think) where he gives this quote to explain the lack of sex between Luke and Noah:
    "Luke doesn't have a crotch. Luke's like one of those action figures or a Ken doll. That's the secret of why they haven't done anything."
LOL. I can't believe he said that to a soap magazine.

Sadly, Luke is still a Ken doll on this stupid show.

Well. I should be getting ready to leave the house soon. I was given tickets to a wine festival that's going on this weekend, which makes it the second wine-tasting event I've been to this month. I'm certainly not complaining!
26th-Aug-2010 10:46 pm - Little Luke. [atwt]
Seriously, ATWT. You really couldn't give a character who has been traumatized since he was a kid a happy ending?

(And Lucinda shoves cake in Craig's face about 2/3rds into that video. LOL. Some things never change!)

This kid, though! Even when he's been kidnapped, he's more worried about making other people (in this case, Holden) feel better.
25th-Aug-2010 09:10 pm - "Home is wherever I'm with you."
I had a pretty upsetting day today, so I've been trying to cheer myself up through music. This song hasn't done the trick, but it's helped.

24th-Aug-2010 05:24 pm[no subject] [atwt, van hansis]
Here's the official video of the Farewell to As the World Turns event at the Paley Center. I haven't watched it yet because I'm too upset about the ending to enjoy it right now. :(

24th-Aug-2010 12:20 am[no subject] [atwt, van hansis]

I really hope this guy gets a new gig soon. So much love.

23rd-Aug-2010 05:03 pm[no subject] [atwt]

God, Noah is such an asshole.
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